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Security Deposit ~ Rental Fee

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Security Deposit:  A deposit of $200.00 shall be paid by Renter to Cleveland Event Center (CEC) (1) to reserve CEC for an event on a specific date; (2) to secure CEC against cancellation or other contractual breach by Renter; (3) to be used as a penalty if Renter, Renter’s guests or caterer, etc. leave the facility in an unclean condition, or break, damage or cause any item in and about the facility to be missing; and (4) to be used as a penalty if Renter or Renter’s guests, caterer, decorator, disk jockey, or band do not timely vacate the facility with all their belongings.  CEC shall refund Renter the appropriate amount that is due within a couple of days, if not the same day or night, after Renter uses and cleans the Facility.

Rental Fee:  The standard Rental Fee is $80 per hour.  See the heading “Minimum Charge” below.  Rental time is generally consecutive.  That is, Renter is charged from the time Renter, or anyone acting in Renter's behalf, gains entrance into the facility to decorate, deliver or drop-off items, etc., until Renter, Renter’s guest, caterer, D.J, etc., leaves the facility with all their belongisngs at the end of the event.  An exception occurs when Renter rents the facility for two consecutive days.  In which instance, the shorter rental period for one of the two days may be as few as 3 hours, providing that the rental period for the other day is 7 hours or more. 

Minimum Charge:  The minimum charge for renting cleveland event center is $560 for up to 7 hours. The allocation of time is left to renter’s discretion. During a 7 hour rental period, renter may choose to allow 3 hours to decorate, 3 hours for the event, and 1 hour for removing the decorations and cleaning the facility. A contract may be approved for more than 7 hours, which is typical, but a contract may not be approved for less than 7 hours. Hint: Decorators like lots of time. Please confer with your decorator.

Minimum Charge For Holiday Rental:  There is a different minimum charge for renting this facility on a holiday such as Valentine's Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day.  The hourly rate remains at $80, so there is no increase in the rental fee for renting on a holiday.  However, the minimum rental period for each said holiday is 10 hours.  Accordingly, the minimum cost to rent this venue on a holiday is $800 for up to 10 hours.   You may call for availability of the venue on the aforesaid holidays.

Cleaning the Venue After Event Activities:  Please click the "Menu" button near the top right side of this page to view optional cleaning services that are available.

No Charge for Amenities:   There is no charge for numerous amenities that are available: PA system with microphone and speakers; speaker stands (3); projector screen (120”); television (70”) whose screen may be used for projecting pre-programmed recordings, photos and data from Renter’s laptop computer; stage (10’X20’); Wi-Fi; circular and rectangle tables; chairs with cushion seats & backs; ice maker; wedding chandelier; and more.

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