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209 East Carpenter Street, Cleveland, MS 38732
(1 block west of Backyard Burgers™, Off Hwy 61)
(662) 545-4755 or (662) 719-3539

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Cleveland Event Center

Making A Reservation At The Cleveland Event Center


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What A Reservation At Cleveland Event Center Means

Thank you for viewing the Cleveland Event Center website.  We hope you like what you see.  As a venue, the Cleveland Event Center offers competitive prices for a most rewarding experience that renters, their honorees and guests greatly enjoy.  Some of the events they enjoy include birthday and other parties, weddings, receptions, baby showers, anniversaries, and various types of reunions.  Moreover, the Cleveland Event Center proves to be an excellent venue for seminars, workshops, training activities, religious events, book signing affairs, funeral repasts, and other events. 

Events at this venue over the past seven years have proven to be (1) satisfying to renters, because events at the Cleveland Event Center have put a smile on so many faces; (2) gratifying to those who were honored, because honorees have been treated in a special way by being honored at this venue; and (3) uplifting to guests, because it gave them a special to go, something exciting to do, and an opportunity to help celebrate a milestone or goal of another, all in a panoramic atmosphere.  You may say guests have been as much excited and pleased as renters and honorees.

Reservation For Someone Special

If you have in your life a special person for whom you want to show your love in a meaningful way, do it.  Make a reservation at the Cleveland Event Center (CEC) and have a celebration here for her, him, or yourself if you are that bold.  Don’t you have a birthday coming up?  Any event at the CEC will be an experience to behold and a joy to remember.  If so, develop plans and execute a rental contract with CEC.

Rental Contract For Event

The Cleveland Event Center Rental Contract for Event is a two page legal document for you to read, understand, complete, date and sign if you accept the terms, conditions and regulations contained in the document.  If you have any questions, you may call (662)719-3539, (662) 545-4755 or (662) 402-4608.  Additionally, you may confer with any legal counsel of your choice. 

You may download the contract by clicking the “Click to Download Rental Contract” button.


1. Get date availability confirmed;

2. Download, complete and sign contract; and

3. Mail the contract and security deposit ($200 payable to Cleveland Event Center)

               Cleveland Event Center

               P.O. Box 7

               209 E. Carpenter St.

               Cleveland, MS 38732

Upon CEC's receipt of the rental contract and security deposit from you, an official at the Cleveland Event Center will forward to you a receipt for your payment, along with a copy of the rental contract that has been signed by a venue official.

 Notes:  In view of numerous questions that we have received, we provide the following information:

1. We have more than enough round and rectangle tables and chairs to accommodate renters and guests.  The round tables are 60 inches wide (diameter) and the rectangle tables are 72” long.  Both table types are 29” high.  Our chairs are the banquet type with padded seats and backs.

2. This venue was closed (voluntarily) during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Since our reopening about nine months ago, we have tried to reduce the number of guests from 150 to 100 or less.  This has worked fine.  We continue to keep the venue sanitized and we continue to encourage renters to ensure that they and their guests use various safeguards to protect themselves against Covid-19.  We have received good cooperation.


A Rental Contract for Event may be viewed below.  You may download or print the contract by clicking the “Click to Download Rental Contract” button.