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209 East Carpenter Street, Cleveland, MS 38732
(1 block west of Backyard Burgers™, Off Hwy 61)
(662) 545-4755 or (662) 719-3539

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Cleveland Event Center

Talking Owl

Cleaning Service Option

As a Renter, you are required to clean the facility after using it.  It is so stated in the contract.  Most event centers have the same requirement.  However, you do have an alternative.  You may opt to make use of the cleaning service that the Cleveland Event Center provides.  This service is designed to free you from lots of leg, arm, hand, and back work after your event.  This is especially beneficial for out-of-state, out-of-town, and other paraticipants who want to leave the venue when the event is over.

Rarely does one want to do janitorial services in their Sunday-go-to meeting clothes after an exciting event.  Leave the rearranging of tables, chairs, and carrying out garbage and trash, sweeping and mopping the event room, lobby, and restrooms to paid personnel.  It must be noted however, that the caterer or others who make use of the kitchen must still clean the kitchen and leave it in a tidy condition.  If the overall venue is not cleaned inside and outside, your security deposit would likely be affected.

Cost:  The cost typically runs from $75 to $100, depending upon the involved circumstances.  The decision is yours to make.  As you, the owl and management would agree, “The only obligation you have, is to leave the venue clean.”  How it gets that way is up to you.