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Decorating and Cleaning-Up After Event Activities

The Cleveland Event Center offers certain decorating services for your special event, and clean-up services after the event is over. These services are offered to free you from lots of leg, arm, hand, and back work before and after your event. This is especially beneficial for out-of-state, or out-of-town, and even in town renters.

What We Can Provide and Do - The Basics

We provide attractive, but low-end cost decorations for many, if not most, of your event needs.  Using these smart budgetary items and your selections and instructions, we decorate for you.  Some of the basic items that we use to decorate are as follows:   

  • Centerpieces for both table types
  • Cover for D.J. table (3’ 4” X 3’ 4”)
  • Chair covers
  • Covers for round tables (60” diameter) and rectangular tables (72” X 30”)
  • Balloons
  • Guest book on tripod in lobby
  • And more:  You ask; we will explore
Decorating Services

Birthday Party Decor

How Our Decorating Works

Merely tell us about the decorations you desire, the number of chairs, and tables you need according to the number on your guest list, and your chosen colors. After receiving this information from you, we will prepare a competitive quote for you to consider.

Clean-Up Services

Rarely does one want to do janitorial services in their Sunday-go-to meeting clothes after an exciting event.  Leave the rearranging of tables, chairs, carrying out garbage and trash, and sweeping and mopping the event room, lobby, kitchen, and restrooms to the Cleveland Event Center’s staff.  Cost:  Typically runs from $100 to $140.

Clean-Up Services

Birthday Banner


Our facility can procure and display for you most any sort of celebration banner, which may contain a short message and, if desired, a photo that you provide. Banners may involve:

  • Birthday for child or adult
  • Welcome message
  • Retirement party
  • Anniversary party
  • Graduation Celebration
  • Congratulations Message
  • And more: Again, you ask; we explore

Backdrop Stand and Backdrops

  • We offer backdrop stands of different sizes, ranging from 5’ X 5’ to 10’ X 10’.
  • We have access to various backdrops to be attached to the stand. You select the backdrop.